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LowCountry Hyperclear It's HyGloss clear coat on STEROIDS!!! Amazing dry times! This high gloss clearcoat is ready to deliver in minutes! Put your productivity into overdrive! This is your answer to same day turn around. With one or two coats your project will be ready to return to your customer in a flash! Let's do some math Lets say you have finished prepping and spray your part with our original fast dry LowCountry HydroPaint in any color you choose. 3 minutes later you spray your second coat. Now cut a piece of film and place it on the water and start your timer for 60 seconds (which is a typical soak time.) your timer beeps, you pick up your part and dip it. Elapsed time? 4-5 minutes Now lets rinse the part and assume it takes about 3-5 minutes Dry the part with clean, dry, compressed air 2-3 minutes Elapsed time from the start of your painting 9-13 minutes and you are ready for Hyperclear!! Mixed 4:1 and you are ready to go! You apply 1 or 2 coats back to back and in as little as 10 minutes you can hand the Item to your customer! Total Elapsed time from start to completely finished??? 20ish minutes!!!! Your results may vary slightly based on temp, humidity, or technique but this clear combined with Lowcountry HydroPaint is not a game changer, It's the game winner!!!!