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Lowcountry HydroPaint features a full line of Basic colors!

These solid colors provide superior coverage in just a few coats. The advantage to you is time and money! Coverage with these colors is usually achieved with one light coat followed by one medium coat.

Then under most conditions ready to dip in about 5-6 minutes! 


Lowcountry HydroPaint is specifically designed for the Hydrographic industry.

This fast drying, straight to substrate paint, requires no adhesion promoter or primer*.

Simply degrease and clean your part, scuff with sandpaper or scuffing pad. Clean off sanding dust and paint. If full coverage is not achieved in one coat allow to flash 2-5 minutes before applying second coat. Paint should be dry to the touch in as little as 4 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

Part can be dipped when paint is dry .

Lowcountry HydroPaint has an unlimited dip window.

Parts should be clear coated within 24 hours of dipping using a 2k clear coat.

Clear with 2K clear coat for best results

 May be further reduced with urethane reducers, if needed, for use in airbrush applications. Custom Colors are available! Contact us for custom color information. 

* Although Lowcountry HydroPaint will adhere to bare metal, acid etch primer is recommended for bare steel applications.

*Flame treating or plastic prep products are required for poly plastics.