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Black Thermochromic (Quart Size)

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Our ready to spray thermochromic paint changes from it's base color to transparent as the temperature rises above 86F and it returns to its color when the temperature falls back to below 86F. Our ready to spray formula makes temperature color changing and even disappearing graphics possible.

This product is not suitable for prolonged exposure to UV light. 

A high quality clear coat with UV protectors is recommended to extend the life of this product when planning for outdoor use.

Available in Black, Blue, and Red.

Paint at a temperature under 86 Degrees when using the 86 degree F paint.

That way you can see what kind of coverage you are getting.

Make sure the surface you are painting is also cool.

Color changing paints can be used over LowCountry HydroPaint base coats and Hydrographic film.

Hide your graphic and have them appear magically when the temperature hits 86 degrees F.

Apply 5-7 coats for complete coverage.

Spray temperature should be under 86F for both the air temperature and spray surface temp.

Anything over that and the product will spray out clear.

Clear with high grade clear such as Lowcountry Hygloss Clear for UV protection from the sun!