3M Trizact Hookit 3" Blending Discs

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The popular Trizact abrasive range has been extended to include a P1000 version designed for keying panels prior to the application of clearcoat or before blending.

The unique pyramid construction of Trizact abrasives ensures even wear and long life providing a consistent scratch depth throughout the sanding operation. The new Trizact blending disc 50341 uses the 3M HookitTM Fixing System and is compatible with all 3MTM 150mm Back-up Pads.

For small awkward areas and panel edges the Blending Disc can be used by hand. For best results use in conjuction with accessory items Hand Pad 05791 and or Half Pad 05792.

The Blending disc should be dampened with water (not solvent) before use. Conformability is achieved through the unique foam construction of the product, allowing even pressure to be applied in both machine and hand applications when sanding deep into orange peel pockets. The result being a quality, uniform matt finish that is now ready for painting.